Back to life!

2016-01-23 09:26:48 by BlueHeatwave

Hi all!

God the last time I posted was back in 2007 and... god it's embarrassing! What a difference 9 years can make :D

Haven't really posted much on Newgrounds for a while but I've been a heavy follower of all the wonderful things that were born from this beautiful flash portal.

Reviving this account thanks to DrawWithJazza's January challenge of the Month; 'New Resolution', in which I HD-ified Revenge of Shinobi!

But yeah, expect more art to be uploaded soon - I hope to take part in more art challenges and be part of this wonderful community once again.

Page Layout!

2007-07-31 04:53:24 by BlueHeatwave

Created a banner and a user image!!!
Banner drawn in MS PAINT! (OMGOSH)
User Image drawn in Flash.

The characters in the banner are MINE!!! RAWR!
The ginger guy in that user image is cool and all, but what I had for him won't be happening very soon.
Does that sentence even make sense O_O
blah whatever... I need a drink.

Flash Game Project

2007-07-31 04:50:04 by BlueHeatwave

Lately the summer holidays were getting boring. Everyone I knew was sleeping and/or unavailable to see the sunlight! SO......... I've been working on a game! The person I'm using is a guy called Midgetman. I've been drawing him since primary school and he's grown to be one of my ultra favourites. Anyways, the game; it's a fighting game. It'll obviously be a tribute to all my fav games ^_^
Anyone interested in seeing it can ask moi for some info!

Progress: Currently? I've finished two chracter's animations, I've drawn all the items, drawn and animated the treasure chests(which the items will come in), I've succesfully programmed random items!!! and created lifebars and a select screen. I reckon I should produce a beta demo.

Hmm.... I'll attach an image.

Flash Game Project